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David Mancuso

Origins Wellness Group

Telemedicine Behavioral Health Clinic
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Origins Wellness Group is a world class telemedicine Behavioral Health Clinic. We use Personal Developmental Collective and solution-focused approaches to mental health, we provide therapeutic services for individuals, families and couples. We believe health and balance are synonymous. They go together whether we are talking about the body or the mind. We seek to weave these together using a variety of therapeutic modals, direct coaching and ancient wisdom.


We believe there are many pathways to personal development, increased contentment and fulfillment in life. We offer a variety of groups and coaching programs aimed at providing reflection and guidance. The goal is to gain a greater understanding of what you are. Once you have clarity, you have the opportunity to expand yourself in areas that bring more efficacy and contentment in your life. Life is about people. And you can only understand yourself and enjoy life through relationships. The relationships we develop with clients are direct, we seek to help you embrace truth and optimize your full potential. Your full potential is a unique creation in this universe, likewise so is a blueprint to understand it. We will support you to discover and implement while giving you support to strength your weaknesses and continue to develop competency with your strengths.                   

Origins Wellness Group
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David Mancuso is an LICSW and life coach. He has practiced therapy and clinical work for 12 years across several specialties.

Origins Wellness Group
David is certified with the Massachusetts Institute of Psychoanalysis as well as the Sterling Institute of Relationship. A few of his areas of focus include: Read more

Low self-worth, Identity issues, including social identity anxiety

Anxiety &

Masculinity and
men’s work



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