David Mancuso is an LICSW and life coach. He has practiced therapy and clinical work for 12 years across several specialties including men’s work, couples therapy and issues of identity and self-worth. David is certified with the Massachusetts Institute of Psychoanalysis as well as the Sterling Institute of Relationship. A few of his areas of focus include:

Low self-worth, Identity issues, including social identity anxiety

Anxiety & Depression

Masculinity and men’s work

Couples therapy

Einstein once said, you can only solve a problem with a different level of consciousness than the one that created it. Therefore, treatment that only use active listening will not be sufficient for you to make real and lasting change. The passivity of most therapeutic approaches undermines the ability for people to move forward. David helps clients make quantum leaps in their lives by moving beyond patterns that no longer serve you.


David specializes in helping young men reclaim their masculine identity and function more effectively in their lives and relationships. He believes that men are greatly aided by raising their standards by utilizing personal disciplines and commitments. Far too often, we are encouraged to collapse into comfort and ease. David helps men to become more rigorous and develop accountability and support. Men often try to solve their problems alone, but men need other men to take on life


David is also an expert at working with couples to help them strengthen their relationships and gain more intimacy in their lives. Relationships between Men and Women are the bedrock of a stable society. In our modern world, dating and relationships are one of humanity’s greatest challenges. More than ever people are unclear about how to gain access to relationships and how to function in them effectively. David challenges relationships norms by helping men and women understand their separate and very different natures. He also helps people understand their roles, duties and take action toward positive outcomes.

Dr. David Mancuso

About The Clinic

I founded Origins Wellness to create non-traditional clinical solutions to support mental health. I’ve seen time and again how our digital lifestyles undermine the human experience, how we find ourselves more isolated than ever, how we struggle to maintain good relationships, how we struggle to communicate plainly with others. How we feel stuck in the mud, how we feel alienated and depressed, how we feel trapped by expectations of normative behavior, how we can be ashamed of our own feelings, how complicated it is to feel satisfied and how difficult it is to feel emotionally self-sufficient.


Living a healthier life physically and mentally should be simple. It’s about balance. In fact, balance and health are synonymous concepts. Balance comes from understanding the nature within. Therefore, health and the laws that govern nature are the keys to living in alignment with truth. When we deviate from these principles we are bound to experience disharmony.


Origins Wellness Group accepts the following insurances: Optum, United, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts, Aetna, Harvard Pilgrim, and Cigna.