Men’s Work is an extremely important at Origins and it makes our clinic truly unique from others. We seek to help men overcome poor mental health through embracing hard work, physical improvements and shared masculine brotherhood.

I am a strong advocate that men have the right to make the best choices they can in each moment to protect their self-respect and mental health.

In our work supporting Men, I help men reclaim their power and dissolve the barriers to expressing that power. Together will be explore the realms of being effective in communication, business, and relationships. It is essential Men learn the powers and gifts that are unique to them so that they are optimally function in their domain.

Individual work is essential. At Origins, you will only find cutting edge industry leaders in the field of mental health. As the landscapes in our world change, support from others is even more crucial. There are so many painful reasons people come to this work. However, these events offer a portal to a deeper level of self-knowledge and growth. You deserve the opportunity to become unstuck and move forward. We will help you understand the patterns that no longer serve you and support you to create new ones that support you to live a more fulfilling life. We walk together and I guide you toward a more fulfilling version of you.

Successful long-term relationships and marriages are the bedrock of society. And yet in modern times, we see humans struggling to have success in relationships like no other time in history.

Intimacy and building deeper intimacy over time for a loving functional relationship is one of the most complex endeavors a human being can undertake. And often our relationships get stuck because we were never given a context of how to make them work.

People in couples also need to have clear and defined roles, as well as supporting the other person to evolve in their roles and evolve in their journey in life.

You will gain skills and perspective to develop or regain deep intimacy. You will learn perspectives and principles to help tou succeed in relationships. Without fulfilling and successful relationships, our lives lack meaning and we do not grow to our fullest potential.